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Welcome to Shape Your City

Now you can easily find information and get engaged on a broad range of municipal initiatives.

It’s a new way to connect more people on community issues that matter to everyone in HRM without needing to attend a meeting at a given time or place.

Archived projects remain available for you to look at and can be found on the right side under "Current & Past Engagements".  Please simply click on the one that you would like to look at and you will be redirected to the project page.

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Current Projects

Hollis Street Bicycle Lane

Hollis Street Bicycle Lane engagement

The Hollis Street bike lane is scheduled for implementation in summer 2014. This lane was initiated through HRMbyDesign and developed through public consultation as part of downtown street network changes implemented in fall. Results from the Open House that took place on June 26th are now posted online.

Port Wallace Community Planning

Port Wallace Study Area

Port Wallace has been identified as a potential future growth area to be serviced with municipal sewer and water services. Halifax Regional Council has initiated a community (secondary) planning process for the area to approve any changes to land use policies and regulations for future development. Part of the planning process includes community engagement. 

Community Energy Plan


HRM is updating its Community Energy Plan and is seeking your input. A Community Energy Plan is a local-level planning process that aims to improve the sustainability of how we produce and use energy. The plan outlines actions HRM will take to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in our community over the next 5 years.

North Park Intersection Redesign

Cunard Roundabout

We need to hear from you! With the proposed redesign of the intersections at North Park Street, what would you like to see in the new surrounding areas? Opportunities for active transportation, outdoor art and new public spaces? Attend the community engagement on Feb 6th or fill out our online survey.

The intersections at North Park Street (North Park/Agricola/Cunard streets and North Park/Cogswell/Rainnie streets) are recommended to include roundabouts because they do not meet national transportation standards. Both intersections suffer from aging underground infrastructure, problematic traffic flow, frequent collisions, and poor connectivity from street to street.

Downtown....I'm In

Downtown..... I'm In

Mayor Mike Savage and HRM Regional Council are gathering ideas for how to make Halifax and Dartmouth downtown areas even better.  They want YOUR ideas.  

Vibrant cities around the world have one thing in common:  they attract and keep people in their downtown areas.

Downtown Halifax and Dartmouth have something for everyone.

Spending time with family and friends.  Exploring.  Working.  Working out.  Shopping.  Checking out new art exhibits.   Attending a class.  Reflecting during a quiet moment.